The most frequent issue that SMEs flag up to me concerns knowing what to write about.

8 Winning ideas for your social mediaPerhaps this article that I wrote for The National B2B Centre will help. Entitled “8 Winning ideas for your social media content“, it provides some “starters for ten” to get you mind into gear.

Idea number 3. – Events (before, during and after) is a reminder that everything that you do has a time dimension that means that you can talk about it multiple times.

In the build up to the event or activity you can explain why it’s happening, how you are preparing and who is involved for instance.

While it’s going on are there opportunities to provide a live account or get other people to provide input?

And afterwards you could spend lots of time explaining the outcomes and getting different perspectives.

Read the full article at The National B2B Centre website today.


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