SEO for Product Sites

Clients Acorn Printing have launched a revised outerwear range that features jackets, blousons and fleeces in lots of styles, sizes and colours.

From an SEO perspective that means lots of lovely content. Each new item has its own web page with text, photos and images – lots of opportunity for updated meta tags and relevant text.

The issue is that individual product pages are difficult to optimise beyond the actual product – brands, style etc.  It’s hard to focus on generic searches around the product category or the user requirement, for instance “printed jackets”, “personalised jackets” or “customised jackets”.

That’s where the blog comes in.  It allows us to create content that’s relevant to the group of products and targets a specific user search.

In this case “Jackets are Just the Job” is focused on searches for”customised jackets”.  It combines an appropriate meta page title and description, with keyword rich text including the word “customised” as well as relevant terms like printing and embroidery.  There are links to the main website and a eye-catching graphic (courtesy of that serves as a call-to-action too.

acorn printing customised jackets


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