acornprintinglogoArrowsmith Marketing has been supporting Acorn Printing for close on 3 years.

During that time we have created blog posts targeted on a variety of personalised garment printing keywords.  These now generate almost 30% of the initial traffic to the website.

Acorn has just launched a new website that provides clients with access to an even greater range of products, and offers better navigation and search facilities.

Mark Bonnett of Web & Data, website developer of choice to Arrowsmith, has been working hard to get the site looking good and arranging the transfer from old to new.

It may not be apparent but there is an awful lot of work that needs to go on behind the scenes to make changes like this;  Database changes, updates to product description, redirects from old pages to new. It’s worth doing to make sure that Google stays on-side with you though.  If it isn’t handled properly a website upgrade can result in a substantial loss of traffic.


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