SEO client for Arrowsmith Marketing

An example of Andrew’s leadership, team development and motivational graphics

Delighted to be working with Andrew Jenkins at PDX Consulting.

Andrew is a leadership and team development specialist with a long list of well-known clients and some excellent testimonials.

The PDX Consulting website offers a range of inspiring and insightful leadership-related blogs, infographics and news items.  The site generates a large volume of traffic (and leads) from LinkedIn where Andrew shares his latest posts with a large, international network.

On the organic search side of activity traffic could be better, and that’s where Arrowsmith comes in. We have worked with Andrew to sharpen up the SEO focus from both a technical and content perspective.

There’s no real secret to it. We are simply looking to align the site with what the market is looking for and maximising the visibility of the already excellent content. It’s amazing what a tweak to page titles, alt image tags and inbound links can do.

It’s always a fascinating process to help people reflect on their strengths and on their customer knowledge, and then translate that into some website and digital marketing changes that create visibility.

You might want to take a look at Andrews infographics to start with. They provide an easy to understand graphical representation of some of Andrew’s ideas and approaches to leadership development.


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