Convert photos or video clips to create gifs

Client Plastic Solutions has done a great job in creating a series of product videos illustrating various facets of the product portfolio.

The videos are hosted on YouTube embeded in website pages and blog posts. The question is can they get any more mileage out of this content.

One answer comes in the form of animated gifs.  A tool called allows you to take a slice of a video and turn it into a gif.

Plastic Solutions show off their very portable Tuff Tank 500 gallon plastic effluent tanks

In this case there was a very obvious candidate clip.  This one shows off how portable the Tuff Tank plastic effluent tank really is.

The gif can then be used in blogs, on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.  It is a great way to reuse existing content. In this video alone there are probably 5 or 6 several clips that are worthy of turning into gifs, and there are 5 other videos on the Plastic Solutions website to review and convert as well.

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