A number of clients have highlighted a new twist in the world of SEO snake oil salesmen.

The promise is a miracle way to get high listings in Google rankings.  Now that isn’t anything you haven’t heard before.  What’s different is they don’t tell you that they’ll achieve this using Pay-Per-Click advertising like Google AdWords.

Now I think that Pay Per Click advertising can be a very powerful tool in the right circumstances and used in the right way.  However when a company contacted me to see if a client wanted to spend £300 over 6 months to “get front page listing” I figured this was the wrong tool used in the wrong way.

For a start they already had front page listing for all of the relevant keywords (so poor research there).  The second thing was that if a client had run the campaign themselves with no knowledge at all, or even if they had some help from me, it would have cost them a fraction of the charge of this so-called SEO company.

If any of this is confusing then I wrote an article for the National B2B Centre about choosing an SEO supplier that you might want to take a look at.

Nobody can guarantee getting you a page one listing for a keyword using legitimate SEO tactics.  Pay Per Click is different to SEO and needs some careful thought in its set-up and management.
Gareth Edwards

Arrowsmith Marketing


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