Lewis Smith & co. Dudley accountants say stop phishingGetting any dodgy emails can be discomforting.  Getting emails that seem to be from HMRC (the tax man) is downright unsettling.

Arrowsmith discovered that HMRC have written up some advice to help recognise spam email and avoid providing would be thieves with any useful information.

A perfect tax-related blog post for client Lewis Smith & Co. the Dudley accountants.  Also the opportunity to create some visibility on social media – links to the article have now appeared on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

That’s why blogs are powerful.  They allow you to create a central piece of content which very likely is on a topic that you have some authority to comment on.  They can be “published” in a number of different places using the power of links and potentially in different formats (that’s why the accompanying graphic was created).

So watch out for “phishing” and consider having your own blog to get you noticed.

P.S  a previous blog for Lewis Smith & Co. on the 2016 minimum wage increase attracted over 150 first time visits!

Gareth Edwards


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