Brighton SEOSEO – Search Experience Optimisation?

The BrightonSEO Conference has become a major fixture in the calendar for anybody interested in digital marketing.  It always features loads expert speakers covering a wide range of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) related topics.

This time around what struck me was exactly how wide that range of topics was.  Perhaps it is because, as one speaker stated, “SEO now stands for Search Experience Optimisation.”  In other words while getting visitors to your website, or other digital assets, is important what those visitors do next and how you find out what they are doing are equally vital.

The emphasis on quality content development was music to my ears because in essence that’s what I enjoy doing most.  It was great to hear so many experts vindicating some of my views, based on the kind of in-depth research that I would love to be able to do.

It is clear that no business can get away from the need to tell their stories as effectively as they can.  Being coy, nervous or indeed lazy about expressing the benefits of working with you is simply not an option any more.  I work mainly with SMEs and I am going to re-double my efforts to help them uncover their winning stories.

Everyone, absolutely everyone I have ever worked with, has a (frequently hidden) treasure chest of content (ideas, words, ideas, pictures, graphics and more ideas) that could form the basis of a successful digital marketing programme.

  • Fantastic web pages for Google to drool over
  • exciting material that catches the eye of potential customers
  • a structured engagement process to convert leads into sales.

Dr seuss quote to help content developmentWhat’s more the Conference also highlighted how the tools to monitor and measure what’s going on are getting better better.  So we can actually work out what works and what doesn’t.

The challenge is always getting people to recognise that this treasure trove exists and finding ways to unlock those secrets.

I was delighted to hear Shelli Walsh’s Brighton SEO presentation “What is Creativity” (Visit Creativity101 for creative insights and a free ebook) because it highlighted ways to get people through that initial obstacle – “What am I going to talk about”.

If you want a quick tip on how to clear the way towards accessing your treasure trove try this quote that Shelli found, from none other than Dr Seuss.

I am looking forward to Monday morning already!

Gareth Edwards

Arrowsmith Marketing – SEO services for Dudley businesses


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