Why it pays to review your Google Analytics or web stats

Noticed the other day that the referral traffic from a very well known web directory (clue: yellow) to my clients had slowed down to nothing. Checked with client that they hadn’t decided to stop using the services.  This uncovered the fact that although the renewal for a premium spot had been renewed the service provider […]

Google Webmaster Tools – Even more essential if you want to market online

9 times out of 10 I can get clients to take up Google Analytics with a minimum of debate. Webmaster Tools (now called Search Console) is usually a harder sell.  Although I think it is pretty useful there has always been less of a “killer app” feel about it. Everything has just changed though as […]

Use Google Analytics to help SEO

In a recently article for the National B2B Centre (Google Analytics – First Time Through) I highlighted the top 5 or 6 reports I look at when reviewing Analytics for people. If I was trying to prioritise that list then in fact I would choose the keywords report as number 1, especially for clients who […]

New B2B Centre article “Google Analytics – First Time Through”

Just completed an article for the National B2B Centre entitled “Google Analytics – The First Time Through” to try and help out new users of analytics to pick out some of the important pieces of informations and makes sense of what they mean. There is so much there that it can be confusing. However knowing […]

Analytics – You MUST install it

I keep finding clients who haven’t heard of Google Analytics (or any form of analytics) who who do know what it is and still haven’t implemented it. All I can say is that it is vital. It will tell you who has visited the site. How they got to your site – which keywords did […]