D-tox Blog Launched

After some behind the scenes work on the D-tox Group website to start the process of improving search visibility it’s now time for something new for the fron of the site. Kai Jolly at HR & Business Solutions Ltd. has designed a blog section for the website to start talking about some off the things […]

Client Update – Endeavour Care Training

Benefits of Testimonials Had the opportunity to catch-up with a past client from the Optimising Business Technology project recently, and received an interesting update. Peter Gathercole owner of Endeavour Care Training, highlighted the value of publishing customer testimonials as part of his content strategy. Peter has been assiduously asking for client feedback and where possibly he has asked respondents […]

“Phishing” tips from Lewis Smith & Co.

Getting any dodgy emails can be discomforting.  Getting emails that seem to be from HMRC (the tax man) is downright unsettling. Arrowsmith discovered that HMRC have written up some advice to help recognise spam email and avoid providing would be thieves with any useful information. A perfect tax-related blog post for client Lewis Smith & […]

Where There’s Muck There’s Brass

Plastic Solutions has launched a brand new website, courtesy of HR & Business Solutions, to highlight its range of portable sanitation products. As its name suggests the company specialises in plastic products, which offer a range of benefits over traditional materials such as steel. Its “Tuff Tank” has captured a large slice of the market […]

Acorn Printing has “Jackets Covered”

SEO for Product Sites Clients Acorn Printing have launched a revised outerwear range that features jackets, blousons and fleeces in lots of styles, sizes and colours. From an SEO perspective that means lots of lovely content. Each new item has its own web page with text, photos and images – lots of opportunity for updated […]

Digital Marketing. Don’t be boring

Take Seth Godin’s advice instead. Seth Godin is always good for some sound marketing advice as you will find out if you watch his TED talk – “Seth Godin How to get your ideas to spread.” Here’s my precis of part of what he has to say and what SME’s can do about. Don’t be boring. […]

Acorn Printing asks “Gilet or Bodywarmer?”

An opportunity to reuse content If being original is hard just reuse what you already have. In a recent blog post for client Acorn Printing we posed the question “Gilet or bodywarmer“? Apparently Gilet vs Bodywarmer is a cause for debate in some circles (but not round here – ed).  So this gave us an excuse […]

Disklabs Blog

Digital forensics experts Disklabs Ltd. have launched a new blog. The blog, which Arrowsmith is managing, is a vital part of Disklabs communications strategy. It serves two main purposes.  One to attract additional traffic from searches in Google and other search engines. Two to highlight all of the exciting things that the company is involved […]

Brighton SEO Conference

SEO – Search Experience Optimisation? The BrightonSEO Conference has become a major fixture in the calendar for anybody interested in digital marketing.  It always features loads expert speakers covering a wide range of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) related topics. This time around what struck me was exactly how wide that range of topics was.  Perhaps […]

Do your own Success Audit. Remember all of the great things you have done

I have mentioned in the past the “Success Audit” technique that we used at the National B2B Centre. It was designed as a way to get people thinking about their business so that they could generate content for use in Social Media.  However it works in other situations too. The Arrowsmith website has needed a […]