Social Media Selfie

It’s a Social Media lecture so surely a selfie is obligatory. Gareth Edwards of Arrowsmith Marketing is a regular guest lecturer for MSc courses for WMG at the University of Warwick.  Students on the one year masters degree course are, of course, already sophisticated users of a variety of social media channels and lots of […]

Facebook pages – New Cover Layout

Facebook made a timely change for the layout of cover pictures for company pages. The profile picture has been shifted from an intrusive position overlapping the cover picture over to the left-hand column.  At the same time the row of tabs that obscured the bottom right side of the cover picture have also been moved. This means you […]

Quick and Dirty Windows Movie Maker Video

Windows Movie Maker on a PC near you Very quick and dirty video created for the Optimising Business Broadband Social Media event in Shrewsbury on July 29th 2015. The video was intended to highlight how you can create credits, important images, add video clips from smartphones and even slides from powerpoint. It only took an […]

Social Media for SMEs Slideshow

Powerpoint Slides in Video Format This is a video version of a powerpoint presentation “Social Media – an overview for SMEs” made to the Optimising Business Broadband audience in Shrewsbury on July 29th 2015. I saved the powerpoint slides to .wmv video format so that I could upload them to YouTube.  That way there weren’t any issues hosting […]

Acorn Printing asks “Gilet or Bodywarmer?”

An opportunity to reuse content If being original is hard just reuse what you already have. In a recent blog post for client Acorn Printing we posed the question “Gilet or bodywarmer“? Apparently Gilet vs Bodywarmer is a cause for debate in some circles (but not round here – ed).  So this gave us an excuse […]

Fun Social Media Lecture at Warwick Uni

Arrowsmith’s Gareth Edwards provides regular guest lecturing on Social Media for MSc students at the University of Warwick’s prestigious WMG faculty. The students usually respond well to a little light-hearted humour and they were delighted to join in with this photo montage .   Gareth Arrowsmith Marketing Ltd.   In-house Digital Marketing training for your […]

LinkedIn Training with OBB and FSB

Delighted to have participated in such a lively interactive session with members of FSB Shropshire branch.The fun took place at Shrewsbury Town FC at an event organised by Winning Moves as part of the Optimising Business Broadband for Shropshire and Staffordshire project. I am not quite sure if anybody believed my tale about how LinkedIn […]

Facebook needs an improved search facility

It beats me how such a successful technical, networking and now (with an a looming IPO worth billions) business operation such as Facebook can make constant cosmetic changes to its site and not touch its biggest usability issue…the search facility. Interestingly the people who I work with in Social Media training courses or in consultancy […]

Why I like Hootsuite part 1

There are loads of tools available to help manage social media activity.  Tweetdeck is pretty good, SocialOomph has some good reports but at the moment I use (and often recommend) HootSuite. Apart from the fact that the company is based in my favourite city of Vancouver, it has a lot of features which really help […]

What shall I write? Take the de Candole approach.

On a recent trip to Vancouver Island in Canada I was delighted to meet up with Richard de Candole. Richard was a columnist for the Victoria Times-Colonist newspaper writing a weekly column called “Rural Roots” that documented life on his acreage in Whiskey Creek, British Columbia, about 8 miles out of the picturesque village of […]