For reasons that will become clear my latest client, The CIO Partnership, won’t mind me name checking them in relation to a problem that they have been suffering without kn owing it for nearly a year.

They have a nice looking site built using WordPress but what they didn’t realise is that the there is a default privacy option in their theme which sets a nofollow and noindex flag in each of the website pages.  So since it has been launched the site has been pretty much ignored by the search engines.

The challenge know is to make sure that the site gets indexed as quickly as possible.  Having a link from this blog to their site should help to kickstart some spidering, which is why the client won’t mind the mention today.

A quick way to see if there any problems with your site is to enter the search “site:” (remembering to change it to your website’s address!) into Google.  If the search didn’t match any documents or Google can’t see as many pages as you think are on your site then you may have a problem.

Gareth Edwards

Arrowsmith Marketing – Is your website visible in search engines?