Cirrus - Young Enterprise company

Arrowsmith Marketing is providing support again to the Young Enterprise scheme at King Edward VI college in Stourbridge.

This year’s company, Cirrus, got off to a great start by designing and selling a student booklet for sale at a series of open days at the college in October.

The booklet, which included a series of student articles about life at the 6th form college as well as advertising from local businesses, sold very well and gave the entrepreneurial team an excellent start in raising  funds to invest in further product ideas.

The Cirrus team is now creating offers for the Christmas season.  They have an opportunity to attend a trade fair at the Mander Centre in Wolverhampton in early December, and a great internal marketing opportunity around the college for a festive delivery service.

As always Young Enterprise is providing an excellent introduction to the realities of running a business.  The students have fun but it hasn’t taken too long to get some serious looks on peoples’ faces and one or two heated debates.

If you ever have concerns about the business future of the UK I can provide some comfort.  If we manage to hang to these students then there is hope for us all!

Gareth Edwards
Arrowsmith Marketing – Supporting Stourbridge business