An opportunity to reuse content

If being original is hard just reuse what you already have.

In a recent blog post for client Acorn Printing we posed the question “Gilet or bodywarmer“?

Apparently Gilet vs Bodywarmer is a cause for debate in some circles (but not round here – ed).  So this gave us an excuse to put together a nice image using Canva to feature some of Acorn’s products and pen a few lines in a format that over the weeks and months will capture some visitor traffic.

reuse material for your blog

So when you are contemplating what to write next why not think about what conversations are going on about your products and services.  Twitter is a pretty good place to quickly what “the word on the street” is or you good just do some Google searches of your own or read a paper.

Then look at what visual material you have available to help strengthen both point that you want to make and its visual appeal.

Tools like Canva, Photofunia and Windows Movie Maker are just some of hundreds of tools and apps that you could use to convert existing photos, graphics, powerpoint or video into something new.

Just think – you can be creative with what’s already around you. It’s easier, sometimes, than starting from scratch and it will help you get your creative juices flowing.



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