D-tox Group Waste management and Toilet HireAfter some behind the scenes work on the D-tox Group website to start the process of improving search visibility it’s now time for something new for the fron of the site.

Kai Jolly at HR & Business Solutions Ltd. has designed a blog section for the website to start talking about some off the things that D-tox are getting up to.

One of the things that is interesting is that the company started off the content development process saying telling me that “we just shift portable toilets in and out”.  But of course the phrase “we just…” is never the end of the story; in fact is just the beginning.

Dtox toilet hire and waste management

For the launch of the blog we have focused on some of the events that D-tox is providing hire and waste removal services.  It seems obvious but there are some major benefits of going through this process.  For instance;

One we immediately highlight that the company is working with some prestigious organisations (social proof).

Two we can focus on the fact that they are much more than toilet shifters (credibility).

Three it’s a chance to mention some of the specific locations they work in around the Midlands (localised SEO).

Talking about client activities (where permitted) is the backbone of this kind of content development activity.  The process of understanding what the company is and the basis upon which it competes has thrown up a whole range of future topics.  For instance there use of vehicle routing software and getting drivers to photograph all deliveries to help with invoicing for a start.

All quite sophisticated for a company that “just…”.

Gareth Edwards

Arowsmith Marketing Ltd.

Content development for Stourbridge businesses