disklabs digital forensics blogDigital forensics experts Disklabs Ltd. have launched a new blog.

The blog, which Arrowsmith is managing, is a vital part of Disklabs communications strategy.

It serves two main purposes.  One to attract additional traffic from searches in Google and other search engines. Two to highlight all of the exciting things that the company is involved in.

Disklabs provide some highly sophisticated digital forensics services for law enforcement, the military and the judicial system.  They are experts in retrieving data from electronic equipment, analysing both the content and usage patterns and then making sense of what they have found.

One of their most frequent jobs has been characterised by some serious globetrotting, as the team has investigated a case of digital fraud on a major multinational company.  In this instance the case involves the highest of high tech as they have investigated a wide range of computer systems as well as going back to basics with some old-school interviews.

A fascinating company with some fascinating things to say.


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