cell-site-analyticsIf you think Cell Site Analysis is just a made up phrase on CSI then think again.

Cell Site Analysis is a real-world technique to track mobile phone activity and Arrowsmith client Disklabs is an expert in it.

In a recent blog post Disklabs answered the question “What is Cell Site Analysis?” to help clients understand the term better and score some brownie points with Google for good content.

Essentially it’s a process cross-references of historic call records with readings from the mobile phone masts that transmit and receive mobile signals.

Disklabs’ forensic data team can use this information to help legal defence solicitors test alibis and identify patterns of movements.

They use this skill in conjunction with a wide range of digital forensics capability to support criminal cases and corporate investigations too.

Arrowsmith is helping Disklabs to generate more search visibility with website, blog and PPC activity.

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