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Try free tools like Canva

A look at any guide to Social Media at the moment will highlight the importance of images in your content strategy.

We all know that a “picture paints a thousand words” and now there are a variety of tools that add text, shapes and effects to catch the attention of your visitors too.

My favourite at the moment is Canva (  This tool provides a wide variety of templates for Social Media header and cover images, as well as loads of interesting graphics.

You can use the basic templates and enhance them by adding your own photos and editing text, to create the sorts of imagery that you see every day on the social media channels of the major brands.

Lewis Smith & Co. - 7 Benefits of early tax return filing small

Lewis Smith & Co. – 7 Benefits of early tax return filing small

For small businesses the major advantage is that it is pretty much free. There are premium options but I haven’t needed to use them as yet.

The resulting graphics can be used to;

  • Highlight important information.
  • Offer words of advice.
  • Show off recommendations.
  • Emphasise “calls to action” like book online or buy now.

Check out the examples I have posted here and then go and create your own images today.


Gareth Edwards

Arrowsmith Marketing Ltd.


Developing visual content for Dudley business.