It beats me how such a successful technical, networking and now (with an a looming IPO worth billions) business operation such as Facebook can make constant cosmetic changes to its site and not touch its biggest usability issue…the search facility.

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Interestingly the people who I work with in Social Media training courses or in consultancy projects always think that its their fault they can’t find things.  Lots of people who type in the name of a Facebook page (exact wording, correctly capitalised etc.) in the search box but don’t see the person or page they are looking for will repeat the process several times because they think they have made a mistake.

Almost as irritating is the fact that in order to find, say, businesses in Stourbridge who are on Facebook the best place to look is…Google.  Facebook itself will find it hard to achieve this for you, even though you might think it is in their interest to make this kind of connectivity available.  The Facebook default is to drop you into Bing, which just isn’t as good as Google.

My view is that for a relatively small investment in the search function Facebook could actually squeeze quite a bit of additional growth from its fast maturing markets in the West and persuade some of the many people who only use it to send messages to their mates to become bigger users and greater targets for Facebook ads.

Gareth Edwards
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