How to respond to the surge in mobile website traffic.

mobile friendly website siteThe amount of web traffic emanating from mobile devices is increasing rapidly. Smartphones, tablets and eBook readers give people the power to search for and consume content almost anywhere.

You might be surprised at how much traffic is hitting your website (let alone your twitter, facebook and linkedin activity) right now. Even on “corporate” websites it’s probably around 10%-12% of your traffic.  If you are consumer facing, and especially if you offer e-commerce, the number might be a lot bigger. More than 50%!

Lots of people I deal with don’t know how much mobile traffic they get, don’t know whether their site is friendly to mobile users and wouldn’t know where to start to improve things anyway. If you are in the same situation then this article “Going Mobile”, written for The National B2B Centre, might help.

You may not need to invest in a completely new website or go as far as having a mobile app, at least in the short term.  There are some quick and dirty solutions that could be suitable and if you do need to make a bigger investment some thinking that needs to take place before you take the plunge.


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