I have been using the Firefox browser for a long time now.  When I first switched from Internet Explorer it was because Firefox was faster, safer and had lots of extra functionality offered by it’s add-ons.  The add-on’s helped with search engine optimisation, surfing and using different forms of web content.

Recently though I have found that Firefox has got much slower and seems to freeze more often.  It’s probably because I have too many add-ons and too many open tabs but well it just doesn’t seem quite as good any more.

Which brings me to Google’s Chrome.

I have had it installed for some time and found it quite useful if I just wanted a fast loading browser.  I used it to watch some of the World Cup games online for instance.  I didn’t use it as the main browser because it didn’t have the extra bells and whistles that Firefox provided.  Now I have just discovered that Chrome offers a pretty extensive set of extras in the form of extensions.  Many of which are equivalent to the Firefox set.

So Chrome offers speed and ease of use, and now has the extras.  But if I use it as my main browser then Google has almost complete control of my web usage and that puts me off a little.

So should I just switch or should I stick with the good folk of Mozilla who organise the development of Firefox as a free product?

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