Website owners – check your site’s status now.

site search command to check Google indexing of your websiteIf you have bought and paid for a website to be developed you’d probably expect that the developer will have done everything required to at least ensure Google knows the site is there.

Sadly I have yet another example where this hasn’t happened. I won’t name the site in question but 4 months after it was supposed to be live we discovered that it hadn’t been indexed by Google.  Essentially it was invisible.

How did we know?  Well the simple check is this. Just type this command into the Google search bar, (where is your website address).  If Google recognises your website then all of the pages it knows about will be listed in the search results.

The reason why the website wasn’t being found was a simple setting in WordPress, the CMS (content management system) the site had been built in. Basically the developers had forgotten to unclick the “keep the site private” button.  Not very good – the site wasn’t cheap.

You have been warned.


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