Great Midlands Fun RunAs recently reported on this blog, “Raising money for the Friends of Alfie Johnson“, Arrowsmith Director Gareth Edwards “enthusiastically” volunteered to take part in a charity run.

The annual Great Midlands Fun Run took place on Sunday June 5th in Sutton Coldfield following its traditional 8.5 mile route around Sutton Park.

Although most of you will remember the Sunday as being gloriously sunny it was, in fact, pretty cold on the start line.  Only as runners made their way out of the town centr and then up the hill towards the park did the clouds part and the sun shine through.

Team Alfie, running for the Friends of Alfie Johnson, was swelled in numbers by the inclusion of 211 students from Sutton Coldfield Grammar School for Girls (SCGSG).  This fantastic gesture provides two strong benefits.  Firstly, the charity’s coffers be swelled by even more donations than usual and secondly the charity’s visibility has been greatly increased.  The School was noted as being the biggest single group of runners and every corner of the course saw enthusiastic family and friends waving the students on.


Gareth and his partner Yvonne Goulding (representing Adam Myers Pharmacies) were astonished and delighted to have raised £475 in donations (£540 including gift aid) for the charity.  Gareth says that all of that support made a difference:

“There is no way I could describe taking part in the run as fun.  Apart from the small fact of 8.5 miles, hills and heat there was also the matter of being passed by a wide variety of people who could still hold conversations with gasping for air.

“However we are pleased we did it (without keeling over) and that is due in no small part to the generosity of our donors as well as the support of people around the course on the day.”

Gareth made it round in 1hr 49 minutes (subject to official results), which is about 1.5 hours faster than he expected.

Roll on Great Midlands Fun Run 2017.