There’s nearly always a bit of to-ing and fro-ing with clients at the start of a new SEO project.  They usually have a couple of misconceptions about about the way that search engines work and the way websites can be set up.

The main issue surrounds keyword selection.  Invariably the discussion centres around a list of keywords and phrases that they client wants to be ranked for.  And inevitably that list contains a large proportion of words that are only used by people in that company or that industry, and not by their clients.

The main culprit for this is the ability of jargon to creep invidiously into our work related communication.

Sometimes this is about technical terminology and it can be based on a genuine need to describe items or processes in an accurate and specific way.  And it happens in all sectors from agricultural to zoo keeping.

Sometimes it’s just a group-think sort of thing. The boss uses a particular expression one day and so the next day everybody in the company does.

Most often it’s simply forgetfulness.  We forget that other people aren’t like us.  They don’t know what we know or speak the same way as we do.  They use the word “home” instead of “residential”, they search for help “getting my website into Google” not “SEO” (yes I fall into this trap too), and they want a “TV repairman in Stourbridge” not a “nationally based audio visual supplier with expertise in satellite and freeview installation”.

The cure.  Always look at the situation from a client perspective.  Ask some of them how they search (really ask, in person) and use all of the free tools available to see what words people use.

Gareth Edwards

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