It is nice when you do something that gets recognised as being useful, isn’t it?

One of the members of BNI Edgbaston, Tony Collinson (Collinsons Chartered Accountants), asked how he could best use the social networking site LinkedIn.  So I wrote my 8 tips on getting the most out of it and distributed to the rest of the chapter.

They thought it was helpful because I pointed out some of the simple things that you can do like make your “professional headline” more interesting. Mine went from

“Director Arrowsmith Marketing” 


“Online business advisor.  Helping businesses tell compelling stories about what they do to the people who matter.”   

Probably too long, but it does seem to stick in people’s minds.

Anyway fellow chapter member Richard Tubb of James Cash IT Support also liked it and has put it up on his blog.  The beauty of that is that Richard is big into networking and so his post will reach a new audience for me.  He has also provided an inbound link to the Arrowsmith website, which should count for something.

And out of it I have had material for my own blog, plugged some good people and passed around some links.  Not bad for half an hour’s work!


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