Take Seth Godin’s advice instead.

Seth Godin is always good for some sound marketing advice as you will find out if you watch his TED talk – “Seth Godin How to get your ideas to spread.”

Here’s my precis of part of what he has to say and what SME’s can do about.

Don’t be boring. Or becalmed, beleaguered, bland or bypassed.

Be bad or bizarre. Or beautiful, bespoke, better, bewitching, bodacious, boisterous, brilliant, brainy or buzzing.be bold

It’s my challenge to all businesses.  Look beyond the same old, same old.

Rediscover or remember all of the great things you have done and tell people about them.

Consider this. Whether you make widgets or works of art its the context that determines what is bad, bizarre, beautiful etc.

I worked with a company called Sturge Industries whose ball chain product is normally used in roller blinds.  Boring maybe. Until you discover that they make enough of the stuff in a month to go from Land’s End to John O’Groats.

Even less boring when they tell you that the product was used as part of a gift presentation of fob-watches by none other than…Johnny Depp.

It’s good to look beyond just the product or service specification. Try and identify the superlatives, the analogies and metaphors, the unusual uses or special requirements, the odd locations, the interesting people and the prestigious clients, the praise and the prizes. Anything that stands out.

What’s interesting is that know you have read this article you have already started to think of all of the “not boring” things you or or your business have done.  Now go and tell someone!

And if you need any help contact me.

Gareth Edwards

Arrowsmith Marketing – Content development service for Midlands businesses