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Helping Alide Hire Services

Bristol, Bath and Keynsham Tool Hire and Equipment RentalArrowsmith is helping Bristol-based tool hire company Alide Hire Services to consolidate its position as the leading independent tool hire company in the South West of England.

We have teamed-up with another Bristol company, HR & Business Solutions, to optimise Alide’s website for greater search visibility and conversions.

In a combined workshop and research programme we have helped Alide to identify the critical factor in their customers’ search behaviour. The next step is to translate to some technical and design changes that help both search engines and real visitors alike to understand to navigate the website more effectively.

Alide is already a popular choice for both construction professionals and DIY/gardening enthusiasts in Bristol and the surrounding area (including Gloucestershire, Somerset, West Wiltshire and even South Wales).  The changes that we are putting in place will ensure that the company’s strengths in terms of its commitment to service and the quality of its equipment.

Find out more about Alide’s range of hire tools, diggers and dumpers, and portable toilets today.


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Tax Advice from Lewis Smith & Co.

Do you want the good news or the bad news first?

Dudley accountancy firm Lewis Smith & Co. (one of Arrowsmith Marketing’s oldest clients) highlighted 2 sets of tax related news recently. One positive, the other not so good.

On the upside there is still time for a bit of advantageous tax planning before the new tax year involving ISA allowances and pension payments.

On the downside many small businesses may have found they have been designated as low cost traders by HMRC.  If you use the Flat Rate VAT scheme then it’s likely that your VAT rate will be going up in April.

If you want to take advantage of the pluses or mitigate the minuses you might want to get in touch with Lewis Smith & Co.  Just email or give them a call on 01384 235549 and they will help you out.


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Acorn Printing Says No Sweat

Coventry-based t-shirt and hoodie printers, Acorn Printing, has just updated its range of moisture control garments.

Acorn Priinting single and bulk running shirt printing and embroidery

The running shirts and vests are made of special fabric that provide a wicking action to draw moisture off the runners body.  It provides a much more comfortable running experience whether it’s part of a marathon or just a park run.

Acorn specialises in customising garments with print and embroidery.  They can add company logos, sports team crests and as much text as asked for.  The finished products are ideal for workwear, promotions and for sports teams or social groups.

Arrowsmith has been providing blogging services for over 4 years now.  Acorn’s blog posts attract a lot of traffic to the website and the colourful graphics that we create with the excellent Canva online tool can be seen across various social meda sites too.

Find out more about our blogging service today.

Selfie Mirror Hire from Imprint

Old friend of Arrowsmith Marketing, Matthew Humphreys, has gone all entrpreneurial.

Matthew has set up Imprint Magic Mirrors to hire out those remarkable selfie mirrors at parties and events around the Midlands.

If you haven’t seen them before selfie mirrors take advantage of HD camera and computer technology to allow full length photos to be captured and printed automatically.

They are a fun addition to balls, fundraisers and parties of every sort (wedding, engagement, birthday, anniversary…the lot).  Imprint will, Knowing Matthew, provide excellent service and a professional approach to dealing with enquiries.

It was good to provide some tips to getting the new company’s digital marketing off the ground.  Looking forward to hearing news of Imprint’s successes in the weeks to come.

Check out the Imprint website today for all of the details.


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FOAJ helping a little boy with autism

Help for a Brierley Hill child with autismThe Friends of Alfie Johnson has leant its support to a Brierley Hill youngster who suffers from autism.

The charity, which includes Arrowsmith director Gareth Edwards as a trustee, has provided a specialist tablet to Alex.

The tablet gives Alex access to educational programmes that help with Alex’s education and help his Mum manage his behaviourial difficulties.

Find out more about the charity’s fundraising activity on the Friends of Alfie Johnson website.


Eagle Generators targeting Kenyan growth

Client Eagle Generators, based in Great Bridge, are international suppliers of new and used British diesel generators.

Eagle Generators is looking to take advantage of a big growth n the Kenyan diesel generator market

They have customers across the four corners of the globe but one region that is particularly good for business is Africa.

The company was delighted, therefore, when Arrowsmith uncovered some research that forecast that the diesel generator market in Kenya will grow to $206m by 2020.

Eagle Generators has already supplied a range of 5KVA-75KVA output diesel generators over the years into Nairobi and Mombasa.  The gensets are used to provide standby power to industrial, commercial and healthcare facilities because the power grid is not reliable.

Let’s hope they can take advantage of this booming market in future.

Arrowsmith supplied the necessary research, a blog post and a noteworthy graphic to help promote the good news.


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Waste Water Tank Experts

Client Plastic Solutions, the Aldridge-based supplier of plastic effluent tanks and portable sanitation equipment, has launched a timely reminder that its products aren’t just for the really smelly stuff!
Plastic Solution offer two sizes of plastic waste water tanksIn fact the company’s Mini Tuff Tank and Tuff Tank products are widely used for waste water (grey water) as well.

The distinction between effluent and waste water probably comes into clearer focus with proximity to the tank. However there are plenty of situations where lack of mains sewerage means that waste water from shower units, canteens or concessions trailers can’t easily, safely or legally be disposed of on-site.

The Mini Tuff Tank offers 160 gallon (725 litre) capacity and the standard Tuff Tank holds 500 gallons (2270 litres) of liquid.  They are mede from plastic which means they are easier to transport and position than traditional steel tanks. This portability is a real bonus on remote sites or where there is limited access to large delivery vehicles.

There is more information on the latest blog post created for Plastic Solutions.


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Social Media Selfie

It’s a Social Media lecture so surely a selfie is obligatory.

Gareth Edwards of Arrowsmith Marketing is a regular guest lecturer for MSc courses for WMG at the University of Warwick.  Students on the one year masters degree course are, of course, already sophisticated users of a variety of social media channels and lots of different devices. That means the session focuses on developing strategies that get the most out of social media marketing and ensures that it actually acheives something for a company.


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Waste Tank Hire – Special Offer

Effluent tank from the Midlands specialists D-tox waste

Client D-tox have a special offer for February – FREE delivery on waste tank hire for units ordered and delivered by the 28th.

The 500 gallon waste tanks are a common site on construction sites, festival sites and at events.  They provide an effluent holding facility for welfare units and portable toilets, which allows a regular tankered waste clean out.

They can be linked together to provide extra capacity and you can even have a wireless alarm fitted to prevent overflows.

D-tox provides portable toilet hire and waste management across the whole of the Midlands region froom its base in Aldridge near Walsall.


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Hello to PDX Consulting

SEO client for Arrowsmith Marketing

An example of Andrew’s leadership, team development and motivational graphics

Delighted to be working with Andrew Jenkins at PDX Consulting.

Andrew is a leadership and team development specialist with a long list of well-known clients and some excellent testimonials.

The PDX Consulting website offers a range of inspiring and insightful leadership-related blogs, infographics and news items.  The site generates a large volume of traffic (and leads) from LinkedIn where Andrew shares his latest posts with a large, international network.

On the organic search side of activity traffic could be better, and that’s where Arrowsmith comes in. We have worked with Andrew to sharpen up the SEO focus from both a technical and content perspective.

There’s no real secret to it. We are simply looking to align the site with what the market is looking for and maximising the visibility of the already excellent content. It’s amazing what a tweak to page titles, alt image tags and inbound links can do.

It’s always a fascinating process to help people reflect on their strengths and on their customer knowledge, and then translate that into some website and digital marketing changes that create visibility.

You might want to take a look at Andrews infographics to start with. They provide an easy to understand graphical representation of some of Andrew’s ideas and approaches to leadership development.


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