Animated Gifs To Illustrate Your Story

Convert photos or video clips to create gifs

Client Plastic Solutions has done a great job in creating a series of product videos illustrating various facets of the product portfolio.

The videos are hosted on YouTube embeded in website pages and blog posts. The question is can they get any more mileage out of this content.

One answer comes in the form of animated gifs.  A tool called allows you to take a slice of a video and turn it into a gif.

Plastic Solutions show off their very portable Tuff Tank 500 gallon plastic effluent tanks

In this case there was a very obvious candidate clip.  This one shows off how portable the Tuff Tank plastic effluent tank really is.

The gif can then be used in blogs, on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.  It is a great way to reuse existing content. In this video alone there are probably 5 or 6 several clips that are worthy of turning into gifs, and there are 5 other videos on the Plastic Solutions website to review and convert as well.

Talk to Arrowsmith about creating effective and reusable content today.

Acorn Go Glow in the Dark

Acorn Printing our Coventry-based t-shirt printing client has an interesting offer up their sleeve.

Acorn Printing offers glow in the dark t-shirts

They can light up night-time events with the addition of a near invisible layer of luminous ink on top of an existing design.

As the lights go down the glow begins.  Who you gonna call for glow in the dark…Acorn Printing!

Mobile Welfare Unit Hire – Special Offer

Midlands Site Welfare Unit Hire

Client D-tox Welfare are promoting a special offer for the construction industry at the start of the New Year.

Customers can get FREE delivery on mobile site welfare units if they complete the hire and delivery by 31st January 2017.

The welfare units are cleverly designed trailers that provide canteen, drying room and toilet facilities for building sites and construction projects.  The units are completely self-contained and even offer an on-board diesel generator for lighting and heating.

D-tox provides a comprehensive cleaning and effluent emptying service for medium to long term hires and the units are often hired in combination with further portable toilet units and shower cubicles.

This time limited offer is in addition to an ongoing commitment to providing free toilet hire for charity events within a 15 mile radius of the company’s depot in Aldridge, West Midlands.  This generous offer has been taken up by a wide variety of charities around the region as highlighted in the company blog.


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Have You Updated AdWords for Extended Text Ads?

Extended text ads compulsory in January

If you use Google AdWords (Pay Per Click advertising) you may have seen messages about something called extended text ads.

Google has provided much greater space in its ads to allow you to promote your products more effectively.  Extended text ads give you a second headline an increase in text space and more flexibility over display URLs.

Google AdWords extended text ad

Ad for In-Situ Europe using extended text ad and site extension features

At the same time Google has provided further promotional opportunities with a range of “site extensions” that display additional links, text snippets and contact information.

If you already use Google AdWords but haven’t changed your campaigns recently it’s a good time to review and change what you are doing.  Your old ads will continue to display but they are likely to start performing badly against competitors who have made the update.

If you haven’t used AdWords then now may be a good time to consider it. In the past I have tended to advise clients to focus on SEO first to get page one ranking and drive traffic.  Now the search results are often dominated by as many as 4 adverts at the top of the page there are times when paid ads are a necessity.

Setting up a basic AdWords campaign is straightforward but there are some potential costly traps set by Google.  For instance the innocuous sounding “key word match type” option can be a real money pit.  Without going into complicated explanations using the “broad match” means that any word in a phrase can trigger your advert to be displayed and therefore clicked – which you pay for.

Tax Planning with Lewis Smith & Co.

Tax Planning in Dudley, Stourbridge, Halesowen and West Bromwich

Client Lewis Smith & Co., the Dudley accountants, has started the New Year with a reminder that tax planning for the next financial year should start now.

If you talk to them before any tax return or company reporting deadlines they are more likely to be able to save you money.

You can contact them on 01384 235549 or by emailing

Measuring Growth Slides

Slides from Arrowsmith Marketing’s presentation at the Marches Growth Hub on Wednesday 23rd November are available to download in pdf format (opens in new browser tab).

If you were an attendee at the event we hope that you enjoyed it and that it helped you consider the best ways to measure your business progress.


Links to tools used in the presentation – Check your website has been set-up right – Is your Facebook page set-up properly – Check for fake Twitter accounts  – create trackable URLs – monitoring dashboard – Free CRM tool


Other useful tools – link shortener – Monitor the web


Social Media – dashboard to manage multiple social media accounts



If you have any queries about the presentation feel free to get in contact. Email or call 07957 635366.


Presenting at the Marches Growth Hub

Digital Growth: How to Grow and How to Measure the Growth

Marches Growth Hub Digital Growth: How to Grow and How to Measure the Growth eventGareth Edwards will be one of the presenters at the Marches Growth Hub event on Wednesday 23rd November in Shrewsbury.

The event, organised by the Optimising Business Broadband project, is intended to help SMEs understand more about the tools and techniques available to develop their businesses.

Gareth will be focusing on the measurement of digital marketing activity, referencing his practical experience of helping businesses use effective frameworks and the right analytical tools.

You can book a place at the event online today.


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Waste Tank Wars?

Plastic beats steel in a match-up of effluent holding tanks

There were football puns a-plenty in a recent blog for Arrowsmith client, Plastic Solutions Ltd.

The Aldridge-based company offers a range of plastic sanitation products including it’s legendary Tuff Tank 500 gallon plastic waste tank.

Plastic Solutions' plastic effluent tanks beat metal effluent tanks hands down

Plastic tanks offer a host of advantages over their steel rivals and Plastic Solutions decided it was time for a systematic review of the competitive differences.

In the end it was EPL vs Ryman League Division One North with plastic winning 16 nil over a range of key parameters.

Metal effluent tank owners will be feeling “as sick as a parrot”.


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Back at WMG. Selfie with the Students

It was a lecture on Social Media. It had to be done.

Arrowsmith’s Gareth Edwards resumed his guest lecturing role at the University of Warwick’s WMG faculty this week and couldn’t resist this photo opportunity.

social media lecture University of Warwick

This is his 8th year providing input into WMG’s prestigious Masters Degree programme which sees students from all over the world spend a year’s intensive study time in the UK. This time it was a lecture on “Social Media for Business” for the eBusiness Fundamentals module.

This year Gareth is also hoping to resume the role of project supervisor for some of the students.  It’s an opportunity to contribute his experience in the field of digital marketing as well as get access to up to the minute research on the topic.


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Charity Quiz Campaign Achieves Sell Out

All tables sold. £2,330 raised

A 6 week campaign to raise awareness and put bums on seats for the Friends of Alfie Johnson Annual Quiz certainly paid off.

A record 50 teams of entered the quiz this year which meant that the hall at Dudley Technology College was jam packed.

Arrowsmith Marketing’s contribution was to use Facebook, Twitter and the charity’s website with regular posts featuring graphics highlighting questions from previous years.  It certainly seemed to pique the interest of the local business community.

Digital marketing campaign for a charity

Representatives from a number of professional services companies were taking part (Wilkes Tranter a local accountant took the title) and Dudley accountants Lewis Smith & Co. sponsored the event.  As an aside Arrowsmith’s Mastermind Rejects came a creditable joint 6th – we fell down on lack of knowledge about Strictly, X-Factor and Eurovision, while having a tremendous knowledge of 1970’s cartoon characters.

The Mayor of Dudley and his wife were special guests in honour of the Mayor’s fundraising efforts for 3 local charities (including the Friends of Alfie Johnson) this year.  There was also a special thanks for the TSB whose Merry Hill. Old Hill and Stourbridge branches are raising money for the charity. Not only did they provide a number of teams at the event they handed over a surprise £300 cheque as part of their fundraising efforts.

The grand total of fundraising for the evening was a fantastic £2,330 which will be used by the Friends of Alfie Johnson to provide grants to help disabled children around Dudley, Sandwell and Wolverhampton


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