Portable sanitation equipment suppliersPlastic Solutions has launched a brand new website, courtesy of HR & Business Solutions, to highlight its range of portable sanitation products.

As its name suggests the company specialises in plastic products, which offer a range of benefits over traditional materials such as steel.

Its “Tuff Tank” has captured a large slice of the market for portable waste holding tanks because it offers easier handling, lower transport costs and a much longer operating lifetime.

56aa074786d180a323b23d3a_tuff-tank-14If it isn’t immediately clear why this is a big deal, think about all of the construction sites, caravan parks, and event sites you pass on your travels.  The more remote they are the more likely it is that they will need to manage either waste water or, as the industry politely describes it, effluent.

The “Tuff Tank” can hold 500 gallons of liquid and if that’s not enough multiple tanks can be linked together: you can even add a waste level monitoring system to ensure that tanks are replaced or emptied before any accidents happen.

Arrowsmith has been providing digital marketing support to Plastic Solutions for several years.  With the launch of the new website and a set of new products, we’ll soon be turning  up the blog and social media output to help the company tell its unusual but compelling story.

If you thought that might be a challenge, think again.  You might remember we have talked in the past about the “success audit”: a mindset that involves looking at what you do from a number of different perspectives.

Take the “Tuff Tank”.

It has a set of physical characteristics such the material it is made from, dimensions, volume, fittings etc. that are the core determinants of how it is used.  Each characteristic can be looked at in some some detail if needed e.g. the type of plastic.

Pondering how it is used gives us the opportunity to discuss capability, features and benefits. For instance because the Tuff Tank is made from plastic not steel it is much lighter.  Amongst other things that makes it much easier to transport.

Tuff-Tank-TransportWe can then consider how it is used in relation to specific applications by task or industry.  For instance easier transportation is a benefit to the construction industry because building sites may be in difficult to reach locations.

Then we can gather some “stories” about how the Tuff Tank has been used in practice.  Describing how a particular customer has used the product encapsulates specification, capability and application. Stories add in authority, social proof and credibility too, as well as stimulating readers into considering how they could use the product.

After that we can let our imagination run riot – or at least start to think a little harder.  There is usually an opportunity to consider the most unusual use of a product, the biggest sale the most well-known customer etc.  The picture of Tuff Tanks above got us thinking about lego.  We know Tuff Tanks can be stacked up so why not create a photo opportunity by building something out of them?

Talking about photo opportunities, pictures (and video) offer a superb way of creating new perspectives, ideas and stories.  from the sublime, like installation tips, to the ridiculous, a Tuff Tank obstacle race anyone?