A call from a recent B2B Centre client reminded me about the importance of setting challenging and realistic objectives when marketing planning.

“Gareth, I have optimised the website as you suggested and I have got telemarketers working on a list of 200 names to generate traffic. But I have only made one sale. How do I hit the consumer market”


Did we not talk about the limitations of Digital Marketing (and marketing generally) when you have a new and innovative product and not much money and time to work with?

If you are trying to sell something equally new and innovative then can I suggest you stop, take a deep breathe and think about the situation you are in. It’s OK to challenge yourself with a forecast of a million pounds (or dollars or Euros) by the end of the year or in two years.

In the short term, and by that I mean today or this week, that sort of challenge can distort your thinking. The first week’s challenge is to find one person to make a purchase and then leverage that sale (in terms of PR, case studies, credibility etc) to make two more, then four more and so on.

In other words, know your destination but break up the journey into easily manageable chunks.