Google tries really hard to match searches for products and services with local suppliers.

Local accountants for local peopleIn many ways it’s a worthy idea. If you are looking for a florist or a hairdresser you probably want to see a list of places that are in your vicinity.

For some businesses in some areas it can be a double-edged sword.  Yes, location is important but actually you can service clients in a wider catchment area than Google caters for and your clients don’t mind travelling a few extra miles.

Arrowsmith is based in the West Midlands conurbation where separate communities, towns, cities, boroughs etc. are jammed together.  Some of our clients, like Dudley accountant Lewis Smith & Co. for instance, have customers all over the West Midlands and further afar.

Dudley abuts Stourbridge, Halesowen, Tipton and West Bromwich amongst others, but Google looks at the business address and says “Dudley”.  Without  some SEO (search engine optimisation) from Arrowsmith there would be little chance of Lewis Smith & Co. featuring on page one if the person searching was outside of Dudley.

Fortunately we have put in place some SEO steps to ensure a high page ranking in Dudley and an appearance for searches outside of the borough too.  It isn’t rocket science.

In Lewis Smith & Co’s case we have created some focused landing pages with content that associates the company with other areas.  You can do the same thing quite easily.  There are some more sophisticated tweaks in the background but having a page for “Tipton Accountants” for instance is the first and biggest step forward.

Start doing some searches for your own product or service that include names of towns, districts, counties or regions that you might expect business to come from.  You might be surprised at the results but at least you’ll know what to do about it..

Gareth Edwards

Arrowsmith Marketing Ltd.


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