Getting the words on your web pages right is important for two very good reasons.

One. Search engines read the text

Google reads and understands the text on your page to decide where your page will rank in the search results.  That means your page text needs to include the words and phrases real people use to find you and focus effectively on the key topic.

Where you are located is very important too and different strategies are needed to get you noticed beyond your main place of business.

Two. Real people read it too

You want visitors to look at your content and take action don’t you?

If you don’t make the words and pictures compelling and tell people what to do next…then they will click on the back button and go back to the next link in the search results!

Make sure that your page has a purpose, a process and a punchline.

How can Arrowsmith help you?

We have lots of experience in helping businesses to write interesting, valuable and compelling website content: check out Arrowsmith’s client list to see some examples. We can;

  • Generate new content ideas using research and brainstorming techniques
  • Prioritise content to focus on what’s most interesting to your customers and prospects
  • Write web copy, blogs, articles (you name it) to use on your website or Social Media channels
  • We can even update your site for your and keep it refreshed on an ongoing basis

Alternatively check out our article “How to Write Good Website Content” published on the Optimising Business Broadband website.