Is it doing what you wanted?

So you have got a new website!  It looks great and everything appears to work.  But you aren’t sure?

There are still some question in your mind.

  • Does it really do what you want?
  • Has the site been optimised for search engines and what is SEO exactly?
  • Will visitors want to stay on the site?
  • Will people buy anything? Can they buy anything?
  • How do I tell what’s going on?

If you questions like these are bothering you then perhaps Arrowsmith can be of service?

Arrowsmith Marketing has conducted literally hundreds of assessments for its own clients and on behalf of the National B2B Centre, so we have the experience to help you get your site working for you immediately.

Our Independent Website Assessment looks at over 30 different aspects of your website to give you a picture of how the site is performing now AND what improvements you can make to ensure that it performs more effectively in the future.