Your developers have waved goodbye. Are you ready to keep your site going?

website mnagement services for Dudley businessesArrowsmith works with lots of people who have had great websites built for them.

The problem comes when they have taken over the running of the site and realise there is a bit more to do then just sit and admire the pretty pictures.

Who is going to keep the pages up to date, add the latest news, change the product pictures?  And what happens if you get a message from the content management system (what your site is probably built with) saying a module needs updating?  Let’s not even discuss tracking site performance, SEO or spam.

What we do is provide the day to day website management.  It can just be adding articles to help promote what you do or SEO (search engine optimisation) to make sure you get found or sorting hosting issues – whatever you need.

Arrowsmith provides website management services for people like Lewis Smith & Co., Gas Data Ltd. and The Friends of Alfie Johnson to name but a few.