It’s not the platform. It’s the processes that you employ to decide what social media to choose and how to use it.

social media training west midlandsThat’s the core theme of the social media training that Arrowsmith has been providing recently to delegates on courses run for The National B2B Centre both directly and for their client the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce.

People seem to be getting a bit tired of the “rah rah” that surrounds a lot of social media training and promotion.

You know that Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn provide great opportunities to reach and engage with their target audiences.  But you want to know how to do that in the cold wet skies of the UK, not what they get up to in the Atlanta sunshine over Coca-Cola HQ or the West Coast atmosphere of Nike.

So it’s back to basics; marketing basics and business basics.

  • Choose the places where your audiences hangout.
  • Discuss things that they are interested in.
  • Make sure that there is a hook that leads back to what you do
  • Constantly measure the results of your activity.

And remember that time, spent tweeting, posting and connecting, is money.


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