Stories not just facts

Gareth Edwards’s of Arrowsmith Marketing was delighted to have been invited back to Shrewsbury to present on behalf of the Optimising Business Broadband project and Shropshire County Council.

The topic this time around was “Storytelling for SEO”, a look at the importance of setting out content targeted on the way people search for products, solutions or information in the real world.

There is only so much that can be crammed in to a couple of hours but the key messages are quite clear.

  1. Search Engine Optimisation is still a requirement for attracting and engaging visitors.
  2. Understanding your customers and prospects in great detail is important.
  3. Telling stories creates material that persuades Google of your authority, visitors of your relevance and “stakeholders” why they should link to you.
  4. Businesses that Google sees as local service providers (e.g. accountants or florists) need to incorporate location based information like never before.
  5. There are some techie things that need to be done to help get visibility but there are tools such as wordpress (content management system), Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics (amongst many) that can help the non-techies.

If you need help sorting out the optimisation of your website just give Gareth a call on 07957 635366 or email: