I have mentioned in the past the “Success Audit” technique that we used at the National B2B Centre.

It was designed as a way to get people thinking about their business so that they could generate content for use in Social Media.  However it works in other situations too.

The Arrowsmith website has needed a bit of a boost for a while (but when you have got client requirements to satisfy…) so I used the process to think about what new things I could say.  Interestingly the main thing that it helped me with was to remind me just how many people Arrowsmith has helped over the years either directly or through the B2B Centre.  I hadn’t exactly forgotten but those experiences weren’t exactly front and centre.

So now I am  busy developing some new client pages and also re-examining those different assignments to pull-out the nuggets that other people are going to be interested in.  What did Arrowsmith do that can be replicated by other people to achieve success?

Gareth Edwards

Arrowsmith Marketing Ltd.

Writing content for websites, blogs and social media.