Trying to refine the “Success Audit” concept at the moment to help people develop content, particularly for use in Social Media.

Social Media tools (like Twitter) are channels to market. As you can imagine it makes sense to choose the channel that reaches out to your target audience. What is much harder is defining what to say the audience.

The “Success Audit” is part of the process and it is pretty straightforward. Reach back over the past 3 – 6 months and start to visualise what you have done well in relation to products, services, customers, staff, production techniques, training, charity events, personal development etc.

List it all down and start to look at the mass of possibilities that you will now see in front of you. Then don your customer hat and look for the items that spark an interest or relate to your business problems.

You should be able to develop a short list of items that then deserve some scrutiny to decide whether they should make an article, a white paper, a blog, a presentation or a tweet. Or even whether one item can be repurposed to fit any of these content types.

You then choose the right “story” for the right channel to talk to the right people.


Gareth Edwards
Arrowsmith Marketing – Generating ideas for Social Media content