Extended text ads compulsory in January

If you use Google AdWords (Pay Per Click advertising) you may have seen messages about something called extended text ads.

Google has provided much greater space in its ads to allow you to promote your products more effectively.  Extended text ads give you a second headline an increase in text space and more flexibility over display URLs.

Google AdWords extended text ad

Ad for In-Situ Europe using extended text ad and site extension features

At the same time Google has provided further promotional opportunities with a range of “site extensions” that display additional links, text snippets and contact information.

If you already use Google AdWords but haven’t changed your campaigns recently it’s a good time to review and change what you are doing.  Your old ads will continue to display but they are likely to start performing badly against competitors who have made the update.

If you haven’t used AdWords then now may be a good time to consider it. In the past I have tended to advise clients to focus on SEO first to get page one ranking and drive traffic.  Now the search results are often dominated by as many as 4 adverts at the top of the page there are times when paid ads are a necessity.

Setting up a basic AdWords campaign is straightforward but there are some potential costly traps set by Google.  For instance the innocuous sounding “key word match type” option can be a real money pit.  Without going into complicated explanations using the “broad match” means that any word in a phrase can trigger your advert to be displayed and therefore clicked – which you pay for.