Acorn provides coordinated, customised clothing for choirs

We have talked in the past about the continued relevance of providing Google friendly content for websites.  Although Social Media gets the headlines, using a search engine is still a popular starting point when people want to find a product or service.

With client Acorn Printing the trick is to look for the “long tail keywords”. These are essentially the words and phrases that people use when they are looking for something very specific – and normally when they really interested in making a purchase.  So, for instance, there is a big difference in both intent and results for one search for “t-shirt printing” and another for “personalised choir t-shirts.”

For a start “t-shirt printing” is a vague term that could mean just having a t-shirt printed with a name in a shop.  It will certainly have a lot more websites competing to be in top spot in the search rankings.


“Personalised choir t-shirts” is the sort of search that people make when they want something specific.  Maybe they are looking for a specialist supplier,  some particular kind of garment or somebody that can deal with a large order.  There will almost certainly be fewer suppliers that will fit the bill,

There will be a lot less searches for “personalised choir t-shirts” but at the same time the purchasing intent is really high. That means it makes sense to appear at or near the top of the listings for this search.  That’s why we create blog posts that specifically target searches like this.

It’s not just for publicity.  They generate real business.

So what are the long tail searches for your products and searches?

There are a couple of sources of information  just a click or two away.

  1. Google Search Console has a search analytics option that tells you what queries result in your site showing up in the search listings (even if the links weren’t clicked).  Find out more about Search Console in this article I wrote on LinkedIn.)
  2. Alternatively use the Google AdWords Keyword Planner tool.  That provides lots of information on possible search terms based on your website or if you provide some example keywords.

Of course you can just ask.  Communicate directly with clients or, in bigger companies, speak to customer-facing staff.  You might be surprised at the insights you get.

Then just start blogging away.  You’ll see the difference within weeks.



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