Arrowsmith’s Gareth Edwards not only made a guest appearance in a recent blog post for Acorn Printing but more shockingly tried to suggest that “lad” was still an appropriate soubriquet.

t-shirt printing blogOver the past 4 years Arrowsmith has developed hundreds of blog posts for the specialist Coventry t-shirt and hoodie printer.  These not only attract thousands of new visits from Google searches every month but also help to convert visitors into prospects and customers as part of a detailed SEO campaign.

If you are wondering how there could be so many blogs and why it’s so important to create content just think about the picture of the t-shirt.

What is it? Of course, you say, “It’s a t-shirt.” Now consider these questions.

How do you spell t-shirt? What colour is it? What make is it? What size is it? What weight of material does it feature? Is it printed or embroidered? If it’s printed what sort of printing is used and why?

These questions represent a fraction (yes really) of the different sorts of queries that people type into Google to find what they want. One of the purposes of the blog is to match those queries to make sure Google knows that Acorn can provide an answer and to give the searcher some content that makes sense.

If you haven’t yet sat down and consider all of the different dimension of your product or service why not try it now.

Somebody somewhere will use one of those ideas as the basis of a search at one time or another.

Gareth Edwards


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