Benefits of Testimonials

Had the opportunity to catch-up with a past client from the Optimising Business Technology project recently, and received an interesting update.

Peter Gathercole owner of Endeavour Care Training, highlighted the value of publishing customer testimonials as part of his content strategy.

Peter has been assiduously asking for client feedback and where possibly he has asked respondents to log their comments on the influential directory.  This gives him the opportunity to flag the testimonials on the Endeavour Care Training website and then link visitors to the detailed comment.  Although this means visitors leave his site the enhanced credibility of an external reference is proving to be very powerful.

For Peter the ability to quickly establish trust is vital:

“Our care home clients rely on us to improve the skills of staff dealing with the most vulnerable people in our society.  They need to have confidence that we can do what we say.  Seeing positive comments from their peers is the first step in developing that confidence.”

Testimonials, reviews, endorsements, stories are all powerful ways to establish credibility, build confidence and offer social proof of your abilities and successes.  Always ask for a testimonial to put on a website or add to a social media profile like LinkedIn, for instance.

The old adage “people buy from people” stills hangs true.  Perhaps it’s more important than ever to establish these kind of personal touches when technology dominates our marketing activities.

Well done Peter.


Gareth Edwards

Arrowsmith Marketing

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