Reports of the degeneration of modern youth have been greatly exaggerated

I had the pleasure of supporting King Edward VI College in Stourbridge when it held a Management Interactive Conference for year 12 students recently.

The day long session was focused on helping students to prepare for interviews, team work, problem solving, presentations and communications, with the help of some interesting pep talks, exercises, cases studies and activities.

Acting as a mentor for one of the teams was a reminder that the future is in good hands. The enthusiasm, intellect, capability, good humour and confidence shown by the students was very impressive.  They were bursting with ideas and not afraid to both articulate those ideas and try them out.

One thing struck me is that we need to look at the way our organisations operate to eliminate the tendency to grind down of all of these positive qualities.  Can we get rid of the “yes-men” and replace them with the “let’s try this” team?


Gareth Edwards
Arrowsmith Marketing – Digital Marketing in Stourbridge