Client Plastic Solutions, the Aldridge-based supplier of plastic effluent tanks and portable sanitation equipment, has launched a timely reminder that its products aren’t just for the really smelly stuff!
Plastic Solution offer two sizes of plastic waste water tanksIn fact the company’s Mini Tuff Tank and Tuff Tank products are widely used for waste water (grey water) as well.

The distinction between effluent and waste water probably comes into clearer focus with proximity to the tank. However there are plenty of situations where lack of mains sewerage means that waste water from shower units, canteens or concessions trailers can’t easily, safely or legally be disposed of on-site.

The Mini Tuff Tank offers 160 gallon (725 litre) capacity and the standard Tuff Tank holds 500 gallons (2270 litres) of liquid.  They are mede from plastic which means they are easier to transport and position than traditional steel tanks. This portability is a real bonus on remote sites or where there is limited access to large delivery vehicles.

There is more information on the latest blog post created for Plastic Solutions.


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