SEO is alive and kicking.

Ysearch engine optimisation SEO in Stourbridge West Midlandsou might have read that SEO (or Search Engine Optimisation) is no longer important. “Social Media is the only place to be” some say.

Maybe for some businesses. But think about your own experience. Where do you go first to find a supplier, a product or a solution?  More often than not it’s a search engine, probably Google.

So it makes sense to make your website as attractive to Google and the visitors who click through to you, as possible.

How is it done?

  1. Understand what words people will use to find you. A bit of research is needed because you might be surprised at the search terms people use.
  2. Some technical work on your website might be needed.  Content Management Systems such as WordPress have made this part much easier to do.
  3. Google now explicitly says that great content is the key to success.  Authoritative, high quality static pages and blog posts allow you to target specific searches in specific places.

Arrowsmith provides SEO support to a wide variety of businesses. Sometimes in the form of one-off projects, sometimes as part of on-going website management.

We get chosen because we explain the process without going all techie on you and provide regular reports to show you progress.