8 Winning ideas for your social media content

The most frequent issue that SMEs flag up to me concerns knowing what to write about. Perhaps this article that I wrote for The National B2B Centre will help. Entitled “8 Winning ideas for your social media content“, it provides some “starters for ten” to get you mind into gear. Idea number 3. – Events […]

Easy Way to Create Quality Images

Try free tools like Canva A look at any guide to Social Media at the moment will highlight the importance of images in your content strategy. We all know that a “picture paints a thousand words” and now there are a variety of tools that add text, shapes and effects to catch the attention of […]

Processes not Platforms

It’s not the platform. It’s the processes that you employ to decide what social media to choose and how to use it. That’s the core theme of the social media training that Arrowsmith has been providing recently to delegates on courses run for The National B2B Centre both directly and for their client the Birmingham […]

Twitter and microblogging video

One from the archives but still relevant.  This is a review of Twitter and microblogging in a q&a format. The video may not start at the beginning of the question set but if you click the “full interview” icon the whole thing then you’ll see the whole thing on the GuruOnline site.  National B2B Centre […]